No-Code No Cost Parse and Store

May 10, 2022

The Headline

A few weeks back, we introduced our No-Code Parser Interface. Simply forward a Market Data email to one our dropboxes, and receive back parsed and normalized Market Data. Today, we greatly enhance this interface by linking it with our Parse and Store feature.

No-Code Parsing via our Email Gateway Interface (EGI)

Connect directly to our Parser API by simply forwarding a message to an Empirasign email address. Our Email Gateway Interface will handle the rest (validation, API authentication, data transport, response generation, etc.). We'll email you back when it's done. You can view the parser results by clicking on the enclosed link.

Where to send your runs

Email Gateway Interface runs addresses

Example Parser Email Receipt

Parser Job Completion Notification

Parse and Store

Any time you search for a bond on Empirasign, you'll receive results from our public database as well as from the messages sent to one our of EGI dropboxes. By default, the data derived from these messages is viewable only to you. Colleagues at your organization can also be permissioned to view such data. An example bond search page is below. The top section is the standard public database results and the bottom section (circled in red) is the private User Data we have indexed for you.

Bond Search Results with EGI Data


Data collected via EGI can be managed on the MyData page (screenshot below). You can view emails and raw data, export raw and parsed data, and delete items. Data sharing within your organization can be permissioned here.

MyData Screen with Parser Results

Superset the Market for Free

All web application clients have Parse and Store enabled for up to 100 messages per day at No Additional Cost. If you want to take a more programmatic approach to parsing large volumes of data, please reach out to us directly for an API Key.

EGI Parser Terms and Conditions

Only 100 messages per business day will be parsed and indexed for free via one of the above public dropboxes. If your message is rejected due to quota exhaustion, you can resubmit your message the next business day. Empirasign asserts no ownership over either the raw or finished materials sent to any of our EGI dropboxes.