Job Title: Full Stack Engineer (New York based)

Empirasign Strategies LLC seeks recent grads and upcoming grads for full-time software engineering positions.

In this role you will turn your top tier academic skills into top tier commercial skills. You will learn how to prospect, build, and ship products desired and utilized by the marketplace. And you will do so while having direct and immediate access to the company founder and our customers. At Empirasign our engineering team is not a bloated VC-fueled organization constantly re-inventing wheels because there’s not enough real work to go around. In short order, your efforts will have real impact on real product and real customers.

At Empirasign the engineering efforts fall across a number of skill sets (as detailed below). Broadly speaking, our engineering efforts are directed to towards data normalization and validation and sophisticated methods to publish and derive insights from such data.

Product / Task Teams

Parsing Team: If an email, spreadsheet, or PDF contains usable market data it is this teams responsibility to extract, normalize and validate the market observations therein. A broad suite is tools is utilized for this work including pattern matching, dynamic programming, machine learning and …. humans.

Spidering Team: This team works with publicly available data sets. They are tasked with finding available data that can be joined with other existing data sets we have. They set up repeatable, testable, and resilient processes to extract, transform and load the spidered data.

Data Visualization Team: Most of the data we handle is tabular in nature and set itself up easily for CSV export or extraction via REST API. Some higher dimensional and larger data sets work better as pictures. This team figures out how to best display these data sets and ensure the Empirasign brand is associated with rendered insights.

Semantic Web of Bonds Team: This team figures out how to make all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. We have access to nodes A and C. Can we create a node B that allows us to traverse directly from A to C.

All engineers spend at least some portion of the year involved in two more of the above roles.

Technical Stack Highlights

  • Languages: Python, JavaScript, VBA, and R
  • Databases: MySQL, SQLite and MongoDB
  • Servers: Apache and Gunicorn

Skills/Qualities Required

  • Strong problem solving skills. Our products serve a demanding and niche audience. As such, there is not a lot of pre-existing solutions to the business and engineering challenges we face on a daily basis.
  • Strong data analysis skills. Many of the problem areas we work in are self-organizing systems. Candidates must know how to let the data describe the problem space and possible solutions.
  • Strong algorithms, data structures and coding background.
  • Demonstrated strong work ethic.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver production-quality Python and/or JavaScript code.
  • B.S. or higher in a STEM discipline.

Job Location

All work will be performed at our midtown Manhattan offices where our staff has easy access to each other and is within walking distance of a large portion of our client base.


Empirasign is keen to attract the best individuals possible. As such, we offer generous benefits and PTO packages. We will pay FANG level wages for this position.

To apply for any of the above jobs, send resume and cover letter to: