Comprehensive Data, Actionable Insights

Our extensive repository of live and historical secondary market data is not only available to our users as a searchable database, but also used to power the algorithms that generate our proprietary metadata. These unique market overview reports allow Empirasign subscribers to observe how the market reacts to itself in real time. We also analyze the aggregate user activity of our worldwide user base in order to highlight areas of market activity that are most relevant to subscribers’ individual portfolios and interests. These metrics along with third-party data from FINRA’s TRACE, Refintiv, ICE, IHS Markit, the NAIC, and the SEC’s EDGAR database are all included on our web-accessible platform to give you the most comprehensive view of the market as possible.

Check out these Free Market Intel pages:

View the top 5% of all bonds held by US-registered funds with the most variable pricing marks across the market, according to the latest available SEC filings.

View which bonds the market has searched for most often over the last few business days. This feature allows Empirasign users to zig when others zag.

Visualize TRACE Buy/Sell data, broken out by sector. Are investors buying? Are investors selling? These visualizations give you a quick answer to these important questions.

Visualize TRACE aggregate data, broken out by sector. TRACE data is widely available, but its very deep and poorly organized. Our visualizations help you separate the signal from the noise.

Empirasign subscribers also get access to the following:

Market Overview Reports

  • Dealer Activity

    View the top 10 dealers with the most price talks and BWICs over the last 30 days.

  • Offer Spread Changes

    Computing advances and declines is notoriously difficult to do in Fixed Income. The data is sparse, and conclusions and insights can be turned on their head based on small changes in model assumptions and implementations. Our unique methodology allows one to surmount these hurdles in a variety of market subsectors.

  • Popular EU Issuers

    View the top 50 quoted/auctioned issuers in the EU. If you’re searching for liquidity in a notoriously illiquid market, here’s where you should be playing.

  • Widely Held Offerings

    View the top 10 most widely held Residential ABS Bonds, Consumer ABS bonds, Non-Agency and Alt-A bonds, Agency CMO bonds, CMBS bonds, and Agency ARM bonds. Bonds with broad ownership will have better liquidity and better pricing.

  • Most Actives

    View the bonds currently appearing across the most BWICs in our database. These are the de facto benchmark securities. Set your models and investment targets based on these trades.

  • Trade Volume

    Visualize where BWIC activity is concentrated each day, broken out by sector. In addition to volumes, we also track DNT (Did Not Trade) percentages. Use this data to measure liquidity and construct higher value talking points with your clients and investors.

  • Email Message Volume

    The medium is the message. In Structured Products, market data observations largely come from email messages. Keep on eye on how many Empirasign is parsing on a given day. Such data helps disentangle alpha and beta for different market subsector activity volumes.

Empirasign User Base Aggregate Insights

  • Popular BWICs

    See which BWICs the market has viewed the most over the last few business days. Let the market inform you on which items are most important.

  • Collaborative Search Suggestions

    Collaborative Search is our proprietary item-based recommendation system, which functions similarly to those employed by Amazon and Netflix. On relevant pages and alerts, we use Collaborative Search to suggest other bonds you may be interested in based on BWIC contents and our proprietary aggregate search history and usage patterns from our worldwide user base. Whenever a bond with sufficient correlated search history is retrieved, suggestions of bonds with similar search activity display alongside standard results. You can try this out for yourself on our Free Bond Search page.

Third Party Data

  • SEC EDGAR Data

    We index ABS-15GA1 and 15GA2 filings from the US Securities and Exchange Commission's EDGAR database on a real-time basis. By cross-referencing SEC Issuer and Depositor CIKs to identifiers more commonly used in the marketplace (CUSIP, ISIN, ticker), our users are alerted to possible regulatory events driving secondary market activity.

    We also regularly spider N-PORT filings and match the securities listed in these reports to bonds stored in our database. This allows users to instantly view every fund with current or previous positions in any bond searched via our web app or API.

    N-CEN reports are used in conjunction with CRD data from FINRA to provide updated, individual-level information on the advisers of funds.

  • NAIC Transactions

    We provide detailed insight into the market activity of insurance companies with primary and secondary fixed income transaction history as reported via NAIC Schedule D (Parts 3 and 4).

  • Evaluated Pricing Requests

    We display a real-time report of today's most popular Evaluated Pricing Requests based on data from commercial evaluated pricing companies with whom we have marketing relationships. Using these reports, our users can get a sense of which securities the market currently considers tricky to evaluate.

  • Probable Sellers

    We list of all the BWICs for which the seller has been probabalistically deduced using publicly available holdings data filed by mutual funds and insurance companies via IHS Markit and NAIC transactions data.