Empirasign is the largest provider of all secondary market data for the fixed income and securitized markets. We index real-time BWIC price talk and trade color as well as Dealer Benchmark Runs (bids, offers, and markets) for all ABS & MBS subsectors in the US and UK. Our proprietary Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology transforms disorganized market observations into actionable market data and insight.

    Your Market Data Solution

    • Real-Time BWICs & Dealer Runs

      Access the most timely and complete coverage of real-time price talk and trade color available across all market sectors, including CLOs, CMBS, and Consumer ABS.

    • Comprehensive Price History

      View the most exhaustive bond-level secondary market price history available, with data parsed from Dealer Price Talk, Bids, Offers, Two-Way Markets and Runs as well as N-PORT filings, the NAIC, and FINRA TRACE - all on the same screen.

    • Data Parsing & Integration

      Utilize our industry-leading parsing technologies to streamline the challenging Extract, Transform, & Load process into a simple API call. Simplify the process even further with our Parse & Store add-on. Learn More

    • Automatic Market Activity Alerts

      Let Empirasign monitor the market for you with our real-time alert system. Our Watchlist BWIC/Offer Alerts, Recap Emails & Excel Reports, and BWIC Watcher Alerts ensure you never miss a move.

    • Market Intel Reports

      Observe market reactions to market activity in real-time with our proprietary and third-party metadata, as well as aggregated Empirasign user activity trends. Learn More

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    We offer no-obligation free trial access and product demonstrations for our web app, API, and Parser as a Service. No commitment or payment information is required for free trials or product demos.

    Your Competitive Advantage

    Cutting-edge efficiency.

    We normalize disorganized, unstructured market observations into a real-time searchable, 100% online-accessible database. No more trying to make sense of disparate data files or inboxes inundated with thousands of dealer runs.

    Unmatched transparency.

    Get the most comprehensive view of the market available on one screen with our extensive archive of market observations and third-party data access.

    Exclusive Intel.

    Gain insight into the real-time activity of secondary market professionals across Empirasign's expansive network with our aggregate metadata reports. More Info

    Proven reliability.

    Make confident, data-driven decisions based on information you can trust. Our extensive validation algorithms and experienced Quality Assurance Team eliminate errors and duplicates in real-time, ensuring every data point is accurate.

    See What You've Been Missing

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    Trusted by over 100 organizations

    Portfolio Managers, Analysts, Traders, and Valuation Experts at over 100 of the industry's most influential banks, brokerages and financial institutions rely on Empirasign as their go-to source for secondary market data.

    Cited in 24 financial journals

    Our unbiased, third-party data has been cited in over 200 articles across 24 financial publications. View recent press

    Backed by 12 years of impartial market observations

    With validated and searchable BWIC history dating back to 2010, our database offers the most comprehensive coverage of secondary market activity available from any single provider.

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