Empirasign is the largest provider of all secondary market data for the fixed income and securitized markets. We index real-time BWIC price talk and trade color as well as dealer benchmark runs (bids, offers, and markets) for all ABS & MBS subsectors in the US and UK. Our proprietary Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology transforms disorganized market observations into actionable market data and insight.

Market professionals on both the buy and sell side rely on Empirasign to get ahead with the most comprehensive view of live market activity and time-saving workflow tools.

  • Watchlist Alerts & Recaps

    Receive desktop notifications and email alerts any time a Watchlist bond appears on a BWIC or Dealer Run. Watchlist alerts display recent trade color, price talk, and dealer offering data. Market activity summaries for all your Watchlist bonds are sent out at every close of business, every Friday, and every month end.

  • Thomson Reuters (Refintiv), IDC (ICE), and BVAL Pricing Quotes

    Find pricing quotes from Thomson Reuters, IDC, and BVAL on every BWIC and bond history page. Our web-accessible platform seamlessly integrates third-party evaluated pricing data to give you the most comprehensive view of the market as possible in one place.

  • Anonymous Axe System

    Access our anonymous platform accessible exclusively to Empirasign subscribers, where participants have the ability to post indications of buy or sell interest and chat about posted bonds. User identities are withheld on all interactions, allowing users to automate the axe communication process without sacrificing anonymity.

  • Quote Builder

    Automatically compile the most recent market observations for a bond, including BWIC activity (price talk and trade color), Dealer Bids, Dealer Offerings, and Dealer Two-Way Markets into a Bloomberg-compatible email message, ready to share with clients.

  • "I Am Direct" Button

    Alert customers that you are directly participating on any BWIC with a click of the mouse. A list of dealers who have announced they are direct on a BWIC is displayed on every BWIC page. For price talk distributors, this option is selected by default.

  • Watchlist Cross Finder Tool

    Find trade opportunities among your client base by cross-linking Watchlists with our Cross Finder Tool.

  • Bond Recommendation Engine

    Receive bond suggestions based on our proprietary item-based recommendation system that determines bonds you may be interested in based on BWIC contents, proprietary aggregate search history, and site usage patterns from our worldwide user base. When available, suggested bonds are generated for search results, BWIC Watcher/Runs alerts, and Watchlists.

  • MyData Uploads

    Access all of your data in the context of our comprehensive trade database via our easy-to-use front end. With MyData, Empirasign will auto-parse your spreadsheets to grab the relevant information and display it alongside the search results for any bond query you run on the Empirasign website. No more getting stuck debugging VLOOKUP functions!

  • API Access

    Seamlessly embed the entire Empirasign Structured Products Trade Database into in-house systems via simple HTTP requests. Data is returned in CSV or JSON format for easy implementation and debugging on the client side. API requests are CUSIP, ISIN, or Bloomberg ticker-based. Price talk, trade color, and dealer runs (bids, offers, markets) are returned for each request.