No-Code Parser Interface

April 5, 2022

The Headline

Send a runs email to one of our email dropboxes and receive back normalized and validated market quotes. With No-Code and No-Cost, there's never been an easier way to get started with our parser.

Parser as a Service Background

Empirasign first introduced our Parser as a Service in 2017 to provide clients with direct access to our market-leading, proprietary parsing technology via the simplicity of an API call. In the Extract, Transform, and Load process for message handling, the heavy lift is the Transform step. Our Parser as a Service enables clients to off-load this step to an outside vendor whose long-standing core competency is transforming unstructured data into structured form. Our Freemium Service Tier made it easier than ever to get started. However, technical hurdles remain.

Today we look to close the loop between developers and consumers.

No-Code Parsing via our Email Gateway Interface (EGI)

Today, anyone can take our parser for a spin by simply forwarding a message to an Empirasign email address. Our Email Gateway Interface will handle the rest (validation, API authentication, data transport, response generation, etc.). From your end it's as simple as forwarding an email and clicking on the link we send back.

Where to send your runs:

Email Gateway Interface runs addresses

Example Response Email

Parser Job Completion Notification

Parser GUI

After clicking the link, you'll be redirected to our parser GUI where you can review the message's parsed results. Export to CSV or JSON is available on this page as well. As we don't permanently store messages, the viewer page is only available for two weeks after a runs message is received by one of our dropboxes.

For more information on the GUI replay feature, please consult this blog post:

A few sample screenshots are below:

Parser Validated Records

EGI Parser Terms and Conditions

Only a limited number of messages per business day will be parsed for free via one of the above public dropboxes. If your message is rejected due to free quota exhaustion, please resubmit your message the next business day. After two weeks, we delete all raw and processed data from our systems, and the viewer link will return a 404. Empirasign asserts no ownership over either the raw or finished materials sent to any of our parser email dropboxes.


If you want to get serious about parsing, contact us to be set up with an API Key for our Parser as a Service. Our Freemium Service Tier allows for 100 messages parsed per day (BWICs or Runs) at no cost to you.

More Resources

Over the last few months we've been releasing more and more code examples and tutorials for both our Parser API and Market Data API. An overview of these efforts can be found on our developer resources page.

More to come

We have just begun to scratch the surface of new and existing services we can offer via our Email Gateway Interface. Stay tuned for more updates on how you can interface with sophisticated solutions in a No-Code manner.