Enhanced BWIC Alerts

Nov. 7, 2013

Context is King

Empirasign has been offering its clients BWIC Alerts for almost two years. Now we have made these alerts Context Aware. Every alert now shows recent trade color, price talk and dealer offering data for the alerted bond. You'll be armed with relevant market data from Empirasign without even having to log in. An example BWIC Alert in the new format is displayed below. The new market data is circled in red.

sample BWIC alert with contextual information

Start adding bonds to your portfolio today. A simple copy/paste is all it takes. Portfolio bonds will automatically link to our alerts system. Free Trials can store up to 500 line items and paid users are unbounded. Bonds can be organized into any number of sub-portfolios. Context Aware Offer Alerts are also now available.