Offer Alerts

April 25, 2013

Empirasign user portfolios have long linked to both our BWIC Alerts and Daily Recaps services. We are proud to announce we have extended our Alerts service to Dealer Inventory Offerings as well.

How it works: After each upload of daily offerings, we run a matching program that searches for matches between the most recent batch of offerings and the bonds a user has stored in his or her portfolio. Whenever a match or matches are found, an email is composed and sent to your Bloomberg or corporate email address. You don't need to be logged into Empirasign to receive these alerts.

Sample Offering Alert
bonds in your portfolio that are being offered right now

Get started by adding bonds to your portfolio. It's as simple as cutting and pasting a column of cusips or ISINs from Excel. Both the number of bonds you can store and the number of sub-portfolios you can set up are unbounded.

sample portfolio screenshot portfolio showing recent bwic and offering activity

Portfolios now seamlessly handle all US and EU-based structured product. i.e. ISINs are recognized as identifiers and matched by our various alerts systems.

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