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Empirasign Blog Entry: Desktop Notifications

Desktop Notifications

Nov. 29, 2017

Empirasign Alerts now make use of the browser Notifications API

What is the Notifications API?

The Notifications API allows web pages to control the display of system notifications to the end user. These are outside the top-level browsing context viewport, and therefore can be displayed even when the user has switched tabs or moved to a different application. The API is designed to be compatible with existing notification systems, across different platforms.

Why You Should Allow Empirasign Notifications

The new Empirasign desktop notifications are much like your phone's push notifications. Irrespective of the state of your Empirasign browser window (maximized, minimized, or partially obscured), as long as you are logged in, the alerts will pop-up in the corner of your desktop above any other windows. Alerts via this method will keep you updated with the most recent market activity you care about without impairing your regular work processes or sacrificing valuable screen real estate. The types of alerts covered are:

When you click on any notification, you will be automatically directed to the relevant page on Empirasign or to your Alerts page for more information.

Example Empirasign Notification:

How to Enable Your Alerts

Upon logging in, you should see a pop-up asking whether you would like to Allow or Block notifications from www.empirasign.com. Promptly select Allow, and you are all set! Furthermore, ensure that your watch list is set to the bonds you care about on your portfolio page.

If you missed this step or initially chose Block and have since seen the light--you can still adjust your browser settings to allow the notifications.

Updating Your Browser Settings:

  • Chrome:

    • You may click the i/info icon at the beginning of your address/URL bar for a drop down list of current settings. There, find Notifications, and update that setting to Always allow on this site.
    • Or, read here how to update your settings from the main page: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3220216
  • Firefox:

    • You may click the i/info icon at the beginning of your address/URL bar for a drop down with your Permissions for Empiraisgn and your current notification settings. To change your settings, select the X in the bottom right corner and reload the page to reset your choice.
    • Or, read here how to update your settings from the main window: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/push-notifications-firefox

Please note, Internet Explorer does not support push notifications. However, we have a fall-back system in place for IE users. Notifications will populate in the upper right corner of any logged in Empirasign web pages. Other desktop brosers that support notifications include Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari. More information can be found here.