Always Fresh Never-Frozen BWIC Watcher Alerts

Feb. 5, 2019

Your inbox may be full of messages alerting you to market activity that were up to date and complete when originally received, but there's no guarantee they will still be relevant by the time you actually get the chance to read them. With Empirasign BWIC Watcher Alerts, you don't have to worry about missing the most recent activity or refreshing your inbox because their content automatically refreshes to reflect the latest Price Talk and Trade Color available from our real-time database.

In every BWIC Watcher alert, you'll find a timestamp in the Trade Color/Price Talk table or dot plot image indicating when the data was last refreshed. (Price Talk dot plots are automatically generated for BWICs with Price Talk from five or more dealers.)

190103BA on demand ts1
190103BA on demand ts2

These images are also clickable, and take you to the BWIC's page on the Empirasign website where you can view a dynamic version of the chart.

Tool Tip

Interactive Plot

It's our way of keeping you up to date with the data that helps you get ahead--no matter how far behind your inbox may be.

Eligible BWIC Alerts for My Portfolio now also include Never-Frozen Market Data.

In addition to BWIC Watcher Alerts which are Bid List-based, our standard BWIC Alerts, which are Cusip- or ISIN-based, are also eligible for the Always Fresh, Never Frozen treatment. Whenever you receive a BWIC Alert for a bond with Price Talk from five or more dealers, the alert will include a dot plot image generated on demand.

You can adjust your BWIC/Offers Alerts settings at the top of the My Portfolio page.

How Does this Work?

Inline images in emails are handled via an img tag. This tag usually points to a file sitting on disk on a remote server. In our case, this file never actually exists as a static asset. It is always generated on the fly at the moment the email client requests to load the image.

Try it for yourself (keep an eye on the timestamp): Live Demo Link for BWIC #190117AB.

Enabling Your Never-Frozen Alert Images

Because BWIC Watcher Alert data loads as an image, you'll need to complete the following steps to ensure the images are always displayed in your inbox:

Bloomberg Users

Step 1 Open the message and select "Show in Rich Text."
Bloomberg Show in Rich Text

Step 2 Once the message reloads, select "Display Images."
Bloomberg Display Images

Step 3 Once the images are displayed, select "Always display images from Sender."
Bloomberg Always display images

Outlook Users

If your BWIC Watcher Alert images are blocked by Outlook, you can prevent this from happening to future alerts by right-clicking the blocked image then selecting "Add Sender to Safe Senders List" or "Add the Domain to Safe Senders List."
More information on Outlook's automatic picture download settings can be found here.

Not currently receiving alerts via the Empirasign BWIC Watcher?

Just go to any BWIC's page and click on the HAL 9000-looking button at the top of the page. You will then begin receiving automatic updates to your Bloomberg or email inbox whenever new Price Talk or Trade Color is added to any bond on the selected BWIC. If you wish to stop receiving Watcher alerts for a BWIC simply go back to the BWIC page and click again on the same button.

BWIC Watcher

Jan. 27, 2014

What It Is, How It Works

To engage the BWIC Watcher simply click on the HAL 9000-looking icon (circled in red below). This icon appears at the top of every BWIC screen. A pop-up dialog box will confirm that the watcher has been engaged. To turn the BWIC Watcher off, click on the same icon again. As an aside, clicking on the nearby envelope icon will send you a nicely formatted email of the current BWIC with any available Trade Color and Price Talk.

how to engage the bwic watcher

When viewing a BWIC that you're already "watching," it will be noted as seen in the screenshot below.

screenshot of bwic being watched

Whenever Empirasign updates (new or additional Price Talk or Trade Color) a "watched" BWIC, you'll receive an alert to your Bloomberg or email. An example alert is shown below. On January 16th, I used the BWIC Watcher to keep tabs on the ING Liquidation.

sample watched bwic update

With the Empirasign BWIC Watcher at your side, you'll never be late to the trade.