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Sept. 29, 2017

Empirasign Quote Builder

One of our goals at Empirasign is to automate and accelerate your workflow with the end goal of driving more transactions. Our latest product offering allows you to combine the power of your market insights with Empirasign Data at the click of a mouse.

Our new Quote Builder automatically compiles the most recent market observations for a bond into an email message optimized for viewing in a Bloomberg Terminal.

Simply click a button, and you have an email form prepared with a bond's most recent:

  • BWIC Activity, including
    • Price Talk and Trade Color
  • Dealer Bids
  • Dealer Offerings
  • Dealer Two-Way Markets

Support your price quotes and axes with impartially sourced market data observations.

Quote Builder Overview

The Quote Builder can be used in a variety of ways. For example, say you have the bond DRSLF 2013-26A E that you want to offer to your client, Ivana Buyalot. While looking up that bond in Empirasign, click the Quote Builder button, found on the top of the bond history page (as shown below).

Once on the Quote Builder form, simply add your Subject, Price Quote and any relevant Notes and then hit Send. You'll notice all the most recent trade history for the bond is already compiled for you in Bloomberg compatible tables for quick and easy data digestion to show and support your pricing rationale.

Alternatively, say you noticed bond DRSLF 2013-26A E just traded and you hold a similar bond, ARES 2015-1A D, you would like to offer to Ivana instead. Click on the Quote Builder button at the top of DRSLF 2013-26A E's page and fill in the fields with your quote for the similar ARES bond. Efficiently harness Empirasign's impartial market data to capitalize off recent transaction data and support your offer price.

After hitting send, you'll see your persuasive and nicely formatted email in your Bloomberg inbox to distribute to your clients, as seen in the example screenshot below.

With the Quote Builder, you will work smarter, not harder.

MiFID II and Quote Builder Applications

Empirasign Data is deep, comprehensive and unbiased. Put simply, regular use of the Quote Builder as a pre-trade tool will satisfy your best execution obligation under MiFID II.

January 1st is right around the corner. Get started using the Quote Builder and Empirasign with a Free Trial.

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Empirasign is the leading data provider in the structured product market. Our market history spans back to 2010, providing a comprehensive market overview. Empirasign neither buys nor sells bonds, meaning our data is an unbiased, impartial dataset available for your reference. In 2016 alone, we indexed over 17,900 Bid Lists and over 2.1 million unique dealer, bids, offers, and two-way markets.