Quick Email Search

July 13, 2012

Our new Email Search tool allows you to quickly access information about bonds embedded in an email message. Simply copy and paste an email or Bloomberg message into the Raw Email Message textbox on our Email Search page and hit the Parse Email Msg button.

Example Screenshot of a Bloomberg Message:

bloomberg message to extract market data from

Screeenshot of message pasted into Raw Email Message tab (before parsing):

In the Highlighted Message tab (as shown below), you'll see a parsed version of the pasted email, with CUSIPs and tickers highlighted. Click on one of these highlighted identifiers to do a quick search on the selected bond. A pop-up will appear displaying information regarding appearances on past BWICs and inventory offer sheets, as well as a link to the bond's complete trade history. In addition, you can perform a Bulk Search to get BWIC and inventory information about all the bonds in the email message.

The Email Search tool also runs a query to match the bonds in the message with bonds for the current day's BWICs. Below the highlighted message and the Bulk Search button, you'll find the results of this search, with links to matched BWICs.

parsed and highlighted bloomberg email message