Price Talk Plots

May 30, 2018

Attack the Data Deluge with Price Talk Visualizations

Often times, there's just too much data to digest in tabular form and a plot would better elucidate what's actually going on in the market.

To these ends, for any BWIC with price talk from five or more dealers, box plots and dot plots can be generated. Icons for these plots will be displayed on any applicable BWIC page (as shown in screen shot below).

BWIC 180529A

Click on the dot plot icon, and you'll be taken to a chart page (as seen below).

Dot Plot for 180529A

Or click on the box plot icon, to see the price talk data rendered in box plot form (as seen below).

Box Plot for 180529A

Tips & Tricks:

Box and Dot plots can be generated at the single bond level as well. Just click on the Box Plot or Dot Plot icon that appears on the Price Talk table pop up (example screenshot below).

Price Talk for AWPT 2016-5A E