Portfolio Comps via MS Excel Filters

Oct. 28, 2011

detail of portfolio comps spreadsheet with autofilters

One of the most difficult issues involved in MBS valuations is finding enough observable market events to base a valuation on. Even the most liquid bonds only trade about once a week. Empirasign ABS/MBS Trade Database subscribers will be aware that we've solved this problem via our similar bonds feature. This feature is now available inside Excel. Submit a portfolio of bonds to us, and once a week and at each month-end, we will produce an Excel Filter spreadsheet with market data (trade prices, price talk and dealer offers) for bonds similar to those in your portfolio. All the data is housed in Excel for easy manipulation and integration with other risk management and reference data tools.

Download a demo spreadsheet here: click Excel icon to download demo comps spreadsheet

Contact us for a demonstration: info@empirasign.com.