Popular BWICs

May 23, 2013

Empirasign Clients can now easily keep track of where the action is with our Popular BWICs page. You can navigate there by selecting Popular BWICs under ListMetrics on the Top Nav Bar. Or you can head there directly by following this link: www.empirasign.com/popular/bwic

Sample Sceenshot
screenshot of recent popular BWICs

The page conveys the same basic information as any of our sector home pages with the addition of a Pop Score field. The most often viewed BWIC is set to 100 and all other BWIC page activity levels are expressed as a fraction thereof.

Coming as no surprise to many, the big Fannie CMBS sale and Lloyds Picard liquidation take the two top positions in the above example from Wednesday, May 22.

Coming Soon: You'll be able to see the most watched BWICs over different time frames (e.g 1 week, 1 month, etc.) The current default time frame is the last three business days.

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