Offer Spread Changes

Feb. 27, 2013

We are proud to announce additions and enhancements to our Inventory Offering Spread Changes report. With this report, you can easily spot and put a fine point to market trends by measuring how dealers are moving their offering levels day to day.

How it works: For a given sector, we look at all the bonds offered today and all the bonds offered the previous business day. For the set of bonds offered on both days we enumerate how many are offered unchanged, wider, or tighter. The results are displayed in both graphical and tabular formats on the report.

Getting started: Navigate to the market sector report you are interested in. These reports can be found on the Navigation Bar under ListMetrics/Offering Spread Changes.

Navigation screenshot
how to navigate to the report

On the report page, a chart displays spread movements over time. Below the chart is a table displaying the actual unchanged, wider, and tighter totals for each trading day. Clicking on any bar on the chart (as shown below), or any cell in the table (also shown below) will open a detailed report showing the actual bonds offered for the selected day/change type combination.

Sample Chart showing daily spread changes for Last Cash-Flow CMBS seniors chart of offering spread changes

Table showing line item counts for daily spread changes for Last Cash-Flow CMBS seniors
table of line item counts for lcf offering spread changes

Detailed Last Cash-Flow CMBS Report example
cmbs lcf offers for Feb 13 vs prevous day Current Sectors Covered by These Reports:
Agency ARMs:

Additional sectors are coming soon. Please contact us to move your favorite sector to the top of the heap.