New API Endpoints

Nov. 19, 2020

Querying for the market data you need is now easier than ever.

All Bonds Endpoint

Via this endpoint, you can retrieve a comprehensive list of all the bonds which had market data events for a given day. This list is further enriched with market sector information so you can quickly winnow down the list to the sectors you care about without further joins or cross-referencing. The All Bonds endpoint is considered metdata, and is costless from a quota perspective. This query is ideally suited to ensure your local data store is up-to-date at the end of every business day.

Deal Classes Endpoint

Send along a Bloomberg Ticker, CUSIP, ISIN or deal series name to this endpoint, and it will return a list of all the identifiers for the relevant bond series. You can then query the entire deal by passing along these identifiers to our bonds API endpoint. For your convenience, both of these queries have been linked together on the demo spreadsheet (see link below). Like the All Bonds endpoint, the Deal Class endpoint is costless from a quota perspective.

View our updated API docs and download the demo spreadsheet: