Matching the World

May 23, 2022

We are pleased to announce a powerful new tool to help you drive increased trading activity. The All Matchers Report is akin to an auto targeter for your Fixed Income Salesforce. The reports can be accessed at the following URLs:

Structured Products:
Corporate Bonds:

Report Generation Methodology

Collect the following lists of bonds:

  1. BWICs for a given day
  2. Runs and Offer Sheets for a given day
  3. N-PORT holdings reported in the last 90 days
  4. NAIC transactions in the last year

We then reduce the members of the above lists to only bonds appearing on two or more lists. Groups 1 and 2 are updated in real-time as we process BWICs and Runs throughout the day. For the May 17th report, 7,688 bonds fit these criteria.

For more information on our N-PORT flings and NAIC transactions data sets, please see the following blog posts:

Sample screenshot for the May 17th Report:

All Matchers Report for May 17th

The report can be sorted and filtered on sector, sub-sector, and issuer via the controls on the table header. You can even filter all the way down to bonds that are simultaneously on a BWIC, Run, have recent holders, and recent NAIC transactions. To do this, click on the radio buttons above the report table. The screenshot below shows these 4-way matchers. We stipulate that these 4-way matchers are the most tradable bonds currently in the market. For May 17th, only 34 bonds are 4-way matchers.

4-Way Matchers

Click to expand any line item to see linked BWICs, Runs, Mutual Funds, or Insurance Companies. Or click on the ISIN hyperlink to be directed to the /secid/ page for the bond's full trading history. The bond shown below, EFF 2021-2 A2, appears on one BWIC, two dealer inventories, four N-PORT filings, and six NAIC transactions.

All Matchers Zoom View

API Access

Programmatic access to the All Matchers Report is currently available (as of June 2022). The API Docs page has been updated with instructions for this query. You can also consult the all_matchers tab on the demo API spreadsheet if you're the type of person who likes to jump right into the pool. Our example Python code has also been updated. The bonds in this report can be retrieved by calling the get_all_matchers function. The function definition can be found on github.

Example All Matchers API Use Case

Prosperity Algorithm

  • Poll /api/all-matchers/ endpoint.
  • Send list of tradable bonds to your sales team.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Axes System

While you're busy crossing bonds, maybe it's time to give our Axes System another look. There's never been a better time to avail yourself of all the transaction and liquidity tools you can. Read more about our Axes System here: