Largest Holders by Sector

March 16, 2021

Supercharge your prospecting efforts with our new Largest Sector Holders search tool. This tool aggregates and ranks the market value of each fund's portfolio holdings based on our daily-updated N-PORT Filings database, allowing users to instantly view the most significant players in each market sector. Simply choose one or more asset sub-sector(s), select a vintage (Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis, or All), and hit Submit.

Largest Sector Holders ABS Auto/All

The search results table can be sorted by any column (Fund Company, Fund Name, Value Date, Number of Positions, or Market Value). Select the row for a fund in the search results table to view all of a fund's most recent positions for the queried sub-sector(s). Search results (at the sector and fund level) can be exported to a filters-enabled Excel spreadsheet by clicking its eponymous icon.

An unrestricted view of a fund's holdings can be viewed by clicking the name of the fund on the sub-sector positions page. These Fund Holdings Search results will include:

  • Complete current and historical portfolio holding records.
  • Directors and officers for the fund company.*
  • Registered representatives for the advisers of the fund.*
  • All pricing services used by the fund.*
  • A visualization of how the fund's assets are allocated across sectors according to their current report, as well as previous filings.
  • Accession Numbers hyperlinked to the original form N-PORT and N-CEN filings on the SEC EDGAR website.*

*Derived from Form N-CEN filings. See our blog post on how we link bonds to people here.

Example of Excel Auto Filters Export for a Fund's ABS Cards Holdings*

Example Excel Export for ABS Card Holdings