I Am Direct Button

Aug. 5, 2015

A list of dealers who have announced they are direct on a BWIC is now displayed on every BWIC page (near the top of the page, just below the BWIC description). With a simple click of the mouse, you can alert your clients or prospective clients that you are directly participating on any BWIC.

Below, you can see an example for a CLO BWIC from June 9th (click image to zoom). Or you can view a live version at this URL (password required): www.empirasign.com/bwic/150609A


How to Use the I Am Direct Button

As usual, Empirasign does a good portion of the heavy lifting for you. If your shop distributes price talk on a BWIC, our data wranglers will assume you are direct on that BWIC. In such instances, you won't have to do any clicking to add your shop's name to the list. If however, you are direct on a BWIC, and we have not captured this info, you can add your shop's name to the list by simplying clicking on the button (as shown below).

In our example, after clicking the button, Acme Securities has been added to the list of direct dealers (see screenshot below). You can click the button again to remove your firm from the list. Also, if you find your shop on the list of direct dealers and this information is incorrect, you can remove it by clicking the button again.

If you are a salesperson or trader, every BWIC page should display the I Am Direct button below the list of direct dealers.

Help, I Don't Have a Button!

If you do not see the I Am Direct button on your webpage, and you sit in a client facing seat at a bank or broker, please contact us at +1 646-837-8848 and we will grant you button permission ASAP.

How do Empirasign Sell-Side Clients Benefit?

Sell-side clients benefit from smoother and more seamless communication with their customers. You can let your clients know you are direct on a list with a simple click of the mouse, and save your phone calls and Bloomberg messages for more substantive communications. The I Am Direct button can also be used as a credit mechanism. If you are a trader spending a large portion of your day bidding every BWIC and providing liquidity to the marketplace, the I Am Direct button is an efficient way to let the market know this.

You can even share which BWICs you are direct on with those who don't subscribe to Empirasign via our Free BWIC Calendar page which can be reach here: www.empirasign.com/bwic/. The Free Preview link can be found on any BWIC page right below the list of Direct Dealers. The Free Preview link for the above example is: www.empirasign.com/bwic/preview/150609A. This page only shows BWIC contents (no price talk or trade color is displayed there).

How do Empirasign Buy-Side Clients Benefit?

If you want to participate on a BWIC and your go-to set of dealers are not direct on a BWIC, you can easily locate an alternative avenue to participate simply by viewing the BWIC page. As viewing this page is part of your normal work-flow, acquiring this additional actionable information comes at no extra cost.