Fixed Rate Specifieds

Aug. 27, 2013

We are pleased to announce we've added fixed rate specified offerings to our product. At this point, we cover every Structured Products sub-sector for US, UK, and EU.

Below is a walk-through of this new functionality. Most of the example screenshots are rather dense with information, but they are click-able so you can zoom in for a better look.

Sample Screenshot (choose an offering date to get started)
main view of Agency Specified Offerings

Filters You can choose to filter on a value range (such as the WALA search below)
How to filter offers on WALA range

Or you can filter by value (example below shows FICO story bonds)
filter offers on FICO score

All results are sortable and you can choose which columns to display
choose which columns to display

More Enhancements
Soon, we'll be linking the new TRACE SPDS feed with actual inventories and BWIC trade color. To the dismay of some and relief of others, the RDID to cusip mapping is not a one to one affair. Despite this, given the large amount data we collect and trade size reporting, we'll be able to pinpoint actual trades and prices in many cases and remove much of the unnecessary obfuscation cased by the RDID system.