Empirasign Direct

March 14, 2013

Has the Market Data budgeting and procurement process got you down? Do you feel like you could trace early man's journey from the Rift Valley to Patagonia quicker than it takes to get a piece of software installed at work?

If so, you'll be happy to hear you can now do an end run around the bureaucracy with Empirasign direct to consumer contracting and billing. Enjoy the benefits of Empirasign without the headache of dealing with budgeting, procurement, legal and the umpteen other people who must sign off on what is effectively a minor expense.

Benefits of Direct to Consumer Billing and Contracting:
  • Simple contract that is immediately cancelable if your organization later signs a contract for the service.
  • Credit card billing--no checks to write.
  • Web license is $500/month.
  • The fees you pay to Empirasign are tax deductible as an Unreimbursed Employee Expense.
For a more extensive discussion on Unreimbursed Employee Expenses please consult the following links:

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