Empirasign Deal Tracker

May 6, 2020

Automatically monitor live market activity across all tranches in a deal.

Our new Deal Tracker feature allows Empirasign users to automatically monitor real-time secondary market activity for every bond in a selected deal. Simply navigate to Deal Tracker under the "My Portfolio" tab, enter a deal name in the search bar, and instantly generate a Watch List by clicking on the Add selected tranches button.

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The automatically generated Watch List will be tagged as DEALNAME__dt (LNSTR_2017-5__dt in the above example). That's it, you're done. Now any time a bond in the deal Watch List appears on a BWIC, Dealer Run, or Axe Posting, you will receive a real-time Bloomberg message, email alert, or browser notification (just as you would for any manually-specified Watch List).

A summary of all the recent market activity you are following can be found on the My Current Activity page under the "My Portfolio" tab. Portfolio Activity can be filtered to show only market data for a specific deal under "View a Sub-Portfolio." All Watch Lists generated via Deal Tracker will have the suffix __dt appended to the tag name.

In order to receive market activity alerts for a deal, Portfolio alerts must be enabled. You can manage your alert settings via the My Alerts/Recaps page, also located under the "My Portfolio" tab.