Dealer Offer Search

Dec. 3, 2012

Navigate to this new search page by selecting Dealer Offers under the Find Bonds tab on our Navigation Bar (see screenshot below).

dealer offer search page location on nav bar

Start off by selecting a market sector, and clicking Go. After this is done a list of recent dates for which offering data is available appears (screenshot below). After at least one search parameter has been entered you can restart your search by clicking the red Restart Search button.

how to select date and market sector

After selecting an offering date, a list of available dealers for that date is displayed. To complete your search request, simply choose a dealer and click Search. Search results are then displayed on the screen. To begin again, either reload the page, or click the Restart Search button.

selecting dealer offerings to view

As always, your comments are appreciated. Almost all of our product enhancements are driven by user feedback.

Other News:
  • Empirasign Market Data was cited by Dow Jones Thursday in an article on CMBS risk re-shuffling before Dodd-Frank takes effect. Link to article here: BlackRock, Rialto Dump Some of Their 'Skin' in CMBS Game.
  • We have a new free preview page here: It shows all the current BWICs we are tracking (both US and Eurozone). Show your friends who are not subscribers and they can get a peek at what they are missing.
  • Speaking of friends who are not subscribers: Your site will receive an additional free web license for six months for any new customers you refer to Empirasign. More about this program here: