November Bwic Activity & Commentary

Dec. 2, 2010

CMBS and Non-Agency sectors saw significant gross volume drop offs in November vs October. Most other sectors were close to unchanged. A big exception was Autos, whose volumes quadrupled and DNT % actually decreased. We indexed 754 bid lists in November–about 10% more than the previous month. Liquidity seekers were better satisfied this month with DNT % generally decreasing. Liquidity in October was repeatedly strained by the large number of investors taking a few chips off the table; a phenomenon we did not observe this month. Charts are attached showing aggregate BWIC activity as well as sector break downs. Also, a new chart appears showing bid list activity by weekday and time of day. The weekday chart has few surprises with Friday being the lightest day. Wednesday is second lightest–perhaps there is some excess liquidity to be taken advantage of there. The heaviest flow day was Tuesday. With respect to BWIC time of day activity: Get to work by 10am, be back from lunch by 1pm, and leave for the day at 4pm. Old time banker’s hours still persist in some form.

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