Group Alerts Manager

July 30, 2015

What Is It?

Group Alerts Manager allows you to bring our most popular product feature, BWIC and Offer Alerts, to your entire organization for a fraction of the cost of procuring user licenses for everyone.

Why Is It Great?

Group Alerts Manager allows everyone in your organization to stay ahead of client flows. One person can manage the entire organization's watch lists via an easy to use web front-end. Quite simply, it is an enterprise level product at a seat level price.

Getting Started

Enter your contacts on the Group Contacts page (screenshot below).

Then paste watch lists into the upload box on the Group Watch List page and then press the Click to Add button (screenshot below).

It's just that easy! Whenever one of your contacts' watch list bonds appears on a BWIC or Dealer Offer Sheet, they will receive an Alert message from Empirasign. Example BWIC Alert message below:

Empirasign Group Alerts Manager requires a separate license agreement in addition to our standard single user web license. For more information on this product, or any of our other services, please contact one of the following:

US Markets
Jonathan Harbach
+1 267-323-2411

Gema Martin
+1 646-837-8799

Adam Murphy
+1 646-837-8848