Empirasign London Now Open

Dec. 3, 2015

To better serve our overseas clients, we have opened our first office in London. All London market runs and BWIC related data will now be processed in real time. You may have noticed this already by receiving your alerts earlier in the day. The London office will also give us a jump on any NY based data that is either distributed very early in the day or very late the previous day.

Commensurate with serving the London market better, our offer alerts have been extended to cover bid runs and two-way market runs. No changes need to made on your end other than making sure your portfolio page reflects the bonds you want to track. You can navigate to your portfolio page here: www.empirasign.com/portfolio/

London Offices

Physical Address

Empirasign Ltd
CityPoint Building-12th Floor
1 Ropemaker Street
London, England, UK

Phone numbers

+44 207 153 1079 (direct)
+44 208 875 4003 (voicemail)

If you require customer support during London mornings, please contact the numbers above. During New York business hours, it is best to reach us at the main office: +1 646-837-8848.

Empirasign Is Hiring

In addition to market data and client support staff in London, we are also looking to add a London-based salesperson. The job description can be found at the following link: www.empirasign.com/jobs/