BWIC Dashboard

Dec. 17, 2012

All market professionals can now enjoy some of the benefits of an Empirasign subscription at no cost. We are proud to introduce the Empirasign BWIC Dashboard. The dashboard shows all current BWICs we are tracking in the US and Eurozone ABS/MBS/CMBS markets in a clean, timely and accurate format. Our dashboard can be found by selecting BWICs on the top navigation bar, or by directing your browser to the following URL:

Sample screen shot below:
Empirasign BWIC Dashboard

To display the contents of any BWIC, simply click on the relevant table row as shown in the screenshot below:
Empirasign BWIC Dashboard showing individual auction details

If at any time, you would like to sign up for a Free Trial to our Full Service*, simply click on the blue "Register for 2 Week Trial" button at the top right of the dashboard. Or you can simply navigate to this link:

*Full Service Features
  • Database of all ABS/MBS/CMBS bid lists with trade color and dealer price talk going back to March 2010. Daily dealer inventories since January 2011.
  • BWIC Email Alerts: Whenever a bond you have stored in a portfolio appears on a Bid List, you'll receive an email alerting you of this activity as well as links to all previous activity for similar bonds. Stay ahead of client flows without even logging in.
  • API Access: Instantly download live and historical data right into Excel with our easy-to-use API. Contact us for a price quote.
  • Comparable Bonds: simply click on a bond to run an algorithmic search to show trade color and offerings on similar bonds.
  • Daily Recaps: Every morning you'll receive an email summarizing all BWIC and Offering activity for the bonds you have stored in a portfolio.
  • Smart Email Search Tool: paste any email into our search box and we reveal the market data for each bond mentioned in the text and the BWICs referenced. This tool is great for making sense of the endless BWIC aggregation emails you receive throughout the day.
  • And many more . . .