Advan Foot-Traffic Data

April 29, 2021

The next several months will be a defining period for the commercial mortgage-backed market. Empirasign subscribers now have the competitive advantage of access to foot-traffic data from geolocation analytics firm Advan Research Corporation to help navigate this critical period of recovery and growth. Advan's geofencing technology aggregates mobile phone usage patterns from specific properties, giving Empirasign users the ability to monitor the foot-traffic patterns observed at hotel, retail, multi-family, and office building locations for up to 95% of US CMBS deals. Click on the Advan Foot Traffic button at the top of eligible CMBS bond profile pages to instantly view a graph of foot-traffic history for the commercial properties underlying a particular deal.

Advan Button Circled Bond Profile Page

Advan Chart BANK 2018_BN15

Users can also view comparison charts of similar deals, with the choice of two statistical approaches. Select "Nominal Comps" to view a comparison that prioritizes deals of similar absolute foot traffic volumes. Select "Normalized Comps" to view a comparison that prioritizes deals of similar foot traffic patterns--regardless of baseline levels. Additionally, one can select or deselect any of the deals shown in either chart type to focus on specific data relationships.

All charts are exportable as a shareable image by clicking on the PNG icon in the top right corner.