Empirasign Strategies LLC was founded in 2009 by former ARMs trader Adam Murphy to provide trading models and risk analytics to institutional clients and active traders. In 2010, we launched our market data product with the threefold objective of making market data standardized and easier to access while increasing transaction velocity in the secondary markets. Beginning with MBS trade data captured from emails received through our network of dealers via proprietary NLP techniques, our product has since been extended to include a variety of metadata reports, portfolio monitoring, sales & marketing tools, and custom enterprise solutions. Our clients consist of both front and middle office professionals for both the sell side and buy side. We are headquartered in Midtown Manhattan and maintain a Data Quality Assurance and Customer Service facility in central London.


  • Introduction of Always Fresh, Never Frozen Alerts.

    While standard email images are static assets sitting on a disk, the images and market data charts in Empirasign BWIC Watcher alerts are generated on demand with the most recent Price Talk and Trade Color available data from our real-time database. With this innovation, Empirasign guarantees that subscribers are always presented with most up-to-date market data available - while both on and off the desk.


  • Fixed Rate Specified BWICs and Corporate bonds added to database.

  • Introduction of Collaborative Search feature.

    Using our vast user base and aggregated search histories, Empirasign is able to recommend bonds the same way Amazon recommends books. This functionality supplements our existing reference data-based Similar Bonds feature, providing our subscribers with greater insight into relevant market activity.


  • Introduction of Empirasign Quote Builder.

    Users can customize ready-to-distribute sales pitches backed by impartially-sourced market data at the click of a button.

  • Introduction of Parser as a Service.

    A public API endpoint gives users access to an on-demand market data refinery powered by our proprietary machine learning-based parsing technology.


  • Launch of Anonymous Axe System.

    Empirasign users are able to anonymously and efficiently source bonds and liquidity via our web portal. Passive participants also gain through additional market observations.

  • Refinitiv and ICE Evaluated Pricing data made available on every BWIC and bond history page.

  • Introduction of Probable Sellers feature.

    Users are able to reverse engineer who's selling in the market based on publicly-available holdings data.


  • Opening of first overseas office in London.

    In-time-zone and real-time Quality Assurance and Customer Service is now a reality for EMEA.


  • Launch of Empirasign Enterprise.

    Empirasign engineering know-how and products are now available to clients on site.


  • Bids, Offers, & Two-Way Markets from Dealer Runs and Fixed Rate Specified Offerings added to database.

    A more expansive and active database powers a number of new metadata-based features and functions, including contextual alerts, wildcard searching, and Popular BWICs.


  • Introduction of ABX, PRIMEX, CMBX Index component tracking.


  • Widely Held Offerings and TRACE reported trade volume visualizations added to database.


  • Introduction of Natural Language Processing techniques used to capture MBS trade data from emails containing Bid List information and Dealer Offerings.


  • Empirasign Strategies LLC founded.


Banks, hedge funds, brokerages, accounting firms, and other financial institutions rely on our market data.


Financial publishers reference our market data.


Unique Dealer Offerings indexed in 2018 alone.