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Web Services API Documentation

A Quick Tutorial to Our RESTful API via Some Examples:

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Example URL for GOOG basket trade recommendations:

With a valid api_key, the above URL will return an JSON (formely XML) file (sample, here) for all pairs trade signals for ticker PBCT with a basket size of 2 based on closing prices from May 1, 2010 to May 7, 2010.

Example URL for historical data on Eurodollar Butterfly trade:


With a valid api_key, the above URL will return an JSON file (sample, here) with the 10 last prints for the Eurodollar butterfly whose lead contract is EDM0.

Example URL for data from our twitter feeds:


The above URL will return an JSON file containing the details of the last five tweets for IBM.

How to customize to your needs:

Eurodollar Combo Prices:
Basket Trade Signals:
Twitter Feed News:

Common Key Value Pairs:

Historical Data:

d=YYYYMMDD return data based on closing prices for date specified
d0=YYYYMMDD&d1=YYYYMMDD return data based on closing prices for date range specified
ticker = EDXX (set this to any eurodollar contract, signifies nearest contract in a combo. e.g. if set to EDZ0, it would return EDZ0/EDH1/EDM1 butterfly (assuming butterfly is the combo you have requested). For /basket/ ticker signifies the lead stock in a pairs/basket trade.
csv=[TRUE/FALSE] if set to TRUE, output will be in comma separated values format, if FALSE or omitted, output will be in JSON format

Live Prices:

n = 1 to 25 (return anywhere from last print to the 25 last prints) api_key required for this query
api_key=xxx (access restriction, only closing price-based data is freely available) Note: for any value of n > 0 the API will seek to pull trade data from the intra-day price database and thus requires an api_key available via subscription.

/basket/ specific tags:

aticker = XXX (use this if you want to search the whole basket for the ticker not, just the lead stock)
h = 1 to 3 number of hedges in basket

/combo/ specific tags:

combo = currently, any one of the following (more to be added soon): fly (standard butterfly), fly2 (double butterfly), condor (standard condor), condor2 (double condor), fly6m (6 month butterfly), fly12m (12 month butterfly)

/firehose/ specific tags:

event = [bb,fib,hl3m,hl52,ma200,ma50,piv,or sr] Search for specific event type, definitions below
feed = [fx,eq,eu,ap] Search for tweets from one of four feeds (@empirasign_fx, @empirasign_eq, @empirasign_eu, and @empirasign_ap)

All data is returned in JSON as the default format: This format make it seamless to access our trade data directly and import into Excel, or a variety of other front end tools. CSV format is also selectable.

New: Download our Pairs Trade signals right into an Excel spreadsheet. Risk Management and P&L templates are also included. Click Excel icon to download. Excel Download of Pairs Trade Signals