Empirasign Strategies ABS/MBS Trade Database

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Product Description

The Empirasign ABS/MBS Trade Database is a web-accessible database of all trade color and dealer offerings in the ABS/MBS/CMBS markets. We are the ONLY commercial supplier of this Market Data. In 2016, we indexed over 77,000 Bid Lists, and over 880,000 dealer offerings. With 1-click you can see both where bonds are trading and offered. Just imagine how effective your team can be with all this data organized and not buried in emails. You'll no longer have to rely solely on your trading desk and market relationships to acquire Market Data. Our Market Data is independent and thus suitable for auditing and Independent Price Verification purposes.

Empirasign Market Data is also available in bulk form via a daily feed, or API. Bulk data can be used to enhance current in-house systems. Our API allows for easy downloading directly into Excel.

ABS/MBS Trade Database Product Features:

  • BWIC Email Alerts: receive an email alert whenever a bond stored in portfolio is out for the bid. More here: www.empirasign.com/blog.
  • Database of all ABS/MBS/CMBS Bid Lists (trade color + price talk) and dealer inventories.
  • Database is sortable and searchable.
  • Smart Search feature. Just click on a bond to show color on bonds similar to the one selected.
  • High level views of the marketplace (ARMs--what tenors are trading, ABS/Subprime what vintages are trading, size hitting the market, DNT %.
  • Database entries can be annotated--notes can be kept private, or shared internally with colleagues.
  • A time saver--we store all bid lists for you, no need to devote an analyst to copying and pasting spreadsheets all day long.
  • 3 levels of value creation: Sourcing of hard to acquire unstructured data. We index and add structure to the trade data. We create reports to aid further analysis of the market.

The Main Page Shows All Sectors:

All BWIC Activity

You Can Also Choose to Focus on a Single Sector (Agency ARMs, for example):

Sub-Sector BWIC Activity (Agency ARMs)

Clicking on the Description Field in the Table Above Will Display a BWICs Contents:

Full BWIC Details

Clicking on the Binoculars Shows Similar Bonds That Have Traded Recently

Similar Bonds Search Functionality

Total Market Awareness

Receive an email alert any time a bond you have stored in portfolio appears on a BWIC

BWIC Activity Email Alerts

Our News Feed Keeps You Up To Date on Any New BWICs or Trade Flows

Live News Feed of Trade Flows

Bulk Data via API and Excel Downloader

API Functionality

To have a Bid List added to the index, please send to bwic@empirasign.com. All other inquries can be sent to info@empirasign.com.
Phone: +1 646-837-8848